Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Spring Word Art

 I love spring. After the cold of winter I'm always ready to see spring arrive with the warm weather and buds on the trees. At the first hint of that spring air, I'm itching to put away the chunky throws and vanilla candles and pull out the bowl of eggs, flowers, and brighter colors.

This year, I wanted to add some spring to the old window frame that hangs over my dresser. I created 6 prints using a PicMonkey floral border in different colors and scriptures. I printed them on cardstock and attached them to the wall with tape so that they will come down easily when the time comes. 

Saturday, March 18, 2017


It all started when my grandmother gave me a coupon for a free Shutterfly.com photo book. All I had to do was pay the shipping. I used some of our family pictures that were taken right before we moved. It now sits on our coffee table. 

Because I signed up, Shutterfly offered me three free items: 50 4X6 prints, a sheet of address labels that could be customized with a photo, and a custom refrigerator magnet. Again, all I had to do was pay the shipping costs. 

Since then, Shutterfly will send out offers every now and then. 

- I've gotten a notebook with a photo I took of one of my vintage cameras. 

- Another photo book, this one with photo/hymn pictures

- A set of four coasters photos/hymns.

- A puzzle with a Maine scene.

I also got another item that I'm going to be using for a project soon. More on that when it's finished. :)

***This is not a sponsored post. All thoughts are my own. 

Saturday, February 11, 2017

My New Cart

Last weekend while I was in Marshalls, I found this small cart. It fits perfectly in the space between my chair and my closet. It serves as a place to set a mug while reading in my chair as well as a place to put a few books I want to have handy. Because of the multiple shelves, I also have some space to decorate. Its a nice place to display my camera collection and the camera painting my friend made me. 

This will be a great little piece to have at my own house one day since it's so versatile: storing dishes or bowls in the kitchen, placing towels or beauty products in the bathroom, in a child's room with toys, books, or diapers, in the entryway to put outgoing mail or keys, in a closet as storage...

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Reading Challenge for 2017

I've hit a slump with reading the last couple of years and my list of completed books has diminished by quite a bit. Part of it is just the busy season of life I'm in, but another part is I didn't have the incentive to pick up as many books. 

Last year I found an easy reading challenge with 12 different themes that I enjoyed, so I decided to do one again this year. I took some of the themes from last year and added some different ones for a little variety.